There are few things in your business that are more important than regular engine upkeep. Necessities like periodic oil changes and tire rotation are second nature to any mechanic, professional or amateur. However, as for the customers of these mechanics, well, let’s just say that regular upkeep isn’t always top of mind. Here are a few things a skilled mechanic could say to convince their customers of the importance of maintaining their precious car engine.

Sell the Oil Change

Mechanics are old hats at oil changes, and for good reason. These procedures are so common – as a good, properly completed oil change can prevent anything from engine leaks to complete engine failure. It’s best to keep it simple for the customer, so when we explain to them the importance of engine lubrication we’ll go with something even someone who still drives a horse and buggy can understand; “You shouldn’t run a marathon in blue jeans.” That is sure to get them thinking about proper lubrication regardless of the application or the method.


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Replace the Plugs and Filters!

Filters and engine plugs are a pain. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when they expire, as many filters and plugs wear out more rapidly than their printed expiration dates. Regardless of the finicky longevity of these devices, they are absolutely essential to keeping engines clean and operating without excess gunk. So, how might we convince the customer that they should change the filters and plugs out in their engines from time to time? Well, far more people drink coffee than know how to maintain engines, so let’s use a coffee analogy. An ambitious mechanic might ask, “Have you ever tasted unfiltered coffee?” to a perspective customer. If the customer seems confused, the mechanic (you) can inform them that there is another word for unfiltered coffee – it’s called espresso, and people tend to crash more often on it than your standard filtered coffee. Why should your engine be any different?

Please filter— your engine will love you for it.

There are many reasons to keep the engines in your life in tip top shape — the most important being that if you don’t, it will leave you stranded. Perhaps with help from the tips here, that wisdom might be passed to the less mechanically-minded individuals out there who want working engines to get them from here to there.

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